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Cordes sur Ciel TARN

Cordes sur Ciel

25 km
25 mins

Unmissable medieval village in the TARN, with an incomparable historical richness.

country house built in 1222 by the count Raymond VII of Toulouse, high place of catharism, great site of Midi-Pyrénées, stage of the pilgrimage de Santiago de Compostela.

Forget the heels! You don't go up to Cordes sur Ciel by car either! The ascent is done on foot, through the steep and cobbled streets. You are suddenly immersed in the medieval atmosphere: fortified gates, ramparts, sculpted Gothic facades and small hidden corners. The charm operates at the first step.
Along the way, we stop to visit the artists' studios. For painters, writers, ceramists, sculptors or jewelers the place is conducive to artistic inspiration.
Some mornings when the pink mist invaded the valley, Cordes sur Ciel deserves its name and floats above the skies. A parenthesis full of charm.
Don't miss the Croquants de Cordes! A local recipe with just sugar, almonds and egg whites for a light and delicious crunch.

Lautrec TARN


29 km
29 mins

Village classified among "the Most Beautiful Villages of France";.

Cradle of the family of the painter Toulouse-Lautrec, the village is also known for its pink garlic, of which it is the capital.

Of its ramparts there remains essentially the Porte de Caussade which leads to the central square where you can still admire corbelled houses from the 14th century.

From the top of its rocky peak, the Calvaire de la Salette offers us a superb view of the Agoût valley, the Montagne Noire and the Pyrenees.

The collegiate church of Saint Rémy, a listed historical monument from the 14th century, the gate and the fortifications of the Caussade, the half-timbered houses, the windmill, the 15th century halls, the underground silos, the wells... are a real book of history made available to your eyes.

Its geographical location makes it, in a way, the center of the TARN department.

Gaillac TARN


25 km
25 mins

A millennial town, Gaillac owes its fame to its very old vineyards and the pastel.

Do not hesitate to visit the many castles, estates or cellars that offer tastings.

GAILLAC testifies through its streets and monuments to a long history until the 20th century, punctuated by beautiful architectural elements. It would be necessary to go through the city in concentric circles to define all the successive modifications and extensions since the initial core organized around the Saint-Michel abbey.


44 km
45 mins

From the top of a rocky plateau overlooking the Vère valley, the fortress of Puycelsi watches over the forest of Grésigne. Behind more than 800 m of ramparts, stone, wood and brick houses from the 14th or 15th centuries are revealed and the walkway offers superb views of the surrounding landscapes.

Puycelsi or the aptly named “Fortress of the Woods” as it seems to emerge as if by magic from the heart of the forest is ranked among the “most beautiful villages in France”. Planted on its rocky outcrop, it now offers one of the most beautiful views in the region, in which it is good to gaze up to the horizon.

In 2018, Puycelsi and Castelnau-de-Montmiral joined the prestigious circle of Grands Sites Occitanie, under the aegis of the Cordes-sur-ciel medieval cities destination.

Castelnau de Montmiral TARN


33 km
35 mins

The market place of Castelnau-de-Montmiral, commonly called "the place of the arcades" is a marvel of medieval architecture.

Lined on 4 sides with houses on arcades, the square exudes incredible charm! Its finely restored facades offer a very medieval diversity of red bricks, white stones and wooden panels and half-timbering.

It is an intimate and friendly place, where it is good to stroll and find yourself in the benevolent shade of the covered areas and terraces.

You can still contemplate the old pillory of the Middle Ages, which was used to expose to the crowd, as well the animals of the market, as the thieves or unfortunately the unfaithful women often banished thereafter from the village.

In 2018, Puycelsi and Castelnau-de-Montmiral joined the prestigious circle of Grands Sites Occitanie, under the aegis of the Cordes-sur-ciel & medieval cities destination.

Sidobre TARN

Sidobre site

53 km
55 mins

This stone land north of Castres is a unique geological exception in Europe. The legend says that the gods would have thrown these stones one evening of anger...

You have to explore it with your child's soul, telling stories and listening to the legends of this country of rocks and water.

There is no shortage of adjectives to qualify the Sidobre. In the heart of the Haut-Languedoc regional natural park, the largest granite plateau in Europe is a paradise for geographers. But not only ! To see these gigantic pebbles defy the laws of gravity, young and old have reason to wonder. What mysteries hides the Peyro Clabado (the nailed stone)? It weighs nearly 800 tons and miraculously balances on a smaller rock and on a surface of one square meter!

Bruniquel TARN


58 km
50 mins

Placed on a unique promontory, Bruniquel exhibits its castles with remarkable and unmissable panoramas.

It is one of the stages of the fantastic journey of the Cordes sur Ciel and Medieval Cities circuit.

Bruniquel is part of the list of the most beautiful villages in France.

Stone or wooden houses, corbelled or half-timbered, turrets, twin or mullioned windows, arched doors, flowery alleys... It is a multitude of details that appeal to Bruniquel. This former stopover on the way to Saint-Jacques on the borders of Quercy, Albigensian and Rouergue has also preserved castles and ramparts.

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