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Discover ALBI with the City Pass: Your Guide for Short-Term Exploration

Welcome to ALBI, a city full of history and culture that will not fail to amaze you. If you're planning a short getaway to ALBI, it's essential to maximize your experience by exploring the city's must-see attractions. And that’s where the “ALBI City Pass” comes in. In this article, we will present to you everything you need to know about this precious sesame to fully enjoy your stay and optimize your time there.

What is the ALBI City Pass?

The ALBI City Pass is an all-in-one tourist pass that gives you access to a carefully chosen selection of attractions and activities in ALBI.

The ALBI City Pass is an all-in-one package that offers travelers privileged access to many tourist sites and activities in the city of ALBI. It's designed to make your exploration easier by offering free or discounted entry to major attractions, discounts at select restaurants and stores.

It’s a practical and economical way to discover the best of ALBI while optimizing your time and budget.

The advantages of the ALBI City Pass:

Free access to main attractions:

The City Pass gives you free access to some of ALBI's most popular attractions, such as the UNESCO-listed Sainte-Cécile Cathedral, the Toulouse-Lautrec Museum and the Palais de la Berbie. So you can explore these iconic sites without worrying about entrance fees.

Financial savings:

By opting for the ALBI City Pass, you can save considerably on your travel expenses. With free or discounted entry to popular tourist spots, you can experience more attractions without emptying your wallet.

Time saving :

The City Pass allows you to save valuable time by avoiding queues at attraction ticket offices. You can walk straight in and start exploring. This is particularly beneficial if you have limited time at ALBI.


The ALBI City Pass is available in several duration options, typically for 24, 48 or 72 hours. You can choose the one that best suits the length of your stay. Plus, you have the freedom to decide which attractions you want to visit, based on your interests and schedule.

How to get the ALBI City Pass:

It's easy to get your ALBI City Pass. Simply visit the official ALBI tourism website or visit one of the local sales outlets. The pass is available for different durations, adapted to your needs, whether for one day, two days or more. You can also choose between individual passes and family passes, providing flexibility to meet the needs of each traveler.

Attractions included in the ALBI City Pass:

Sainte-Cécile Cathedral (free entry):

Immerse yourself in the history and magnificent architecture of this iconic cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Toulouse-Lautrec Museum (free entry):

Explore one of the most important museums dedicated to the artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, housing an extensive collection of his works.

Berbie Palace (free entry):

Discover this majestic episcopal palace dating from the 13th century, which today houses the Toulouse-Lautrec Museum.

Gardens of the Palais de la Berbie:

Stroll through these beautifully manicured gardens and enjoy the stunning views of the River Tarn.

Lapérouse Museum (reduction):

Immerse yourself in the history of great maritime explorations with a visit to this museum dedicated to the explorer Jean-François de Galaup, Count of Lapérouse.

Old ALBY's house (reduction):

The Maison du Vieil Alby is the soul of the Episcopal City, one of the major symbols of the historic center of Albi. The “Albi Patrimoine” association works to preserve the memory of this emblematic place.

If you plan to visit ALBI in a short period of time, the ALBI City Pass is your best ally for an unforgettable travel experience. With its financial advantages, priority entries and flexibility, the City Pass allows you to fully enjoy your stay without hassle. Don't miss the opportunity to discover ALBI's cultural and historical treasures using this handy tool. Get your ALBI City Pass now and get ready for a memorable adventure!

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